Got A New Home: Here are Some Feng Shui Rituals

A new home means the start of a new life.

The act of moving is a key event in life, and it’s also a key event in feng shui. It symbolises the start of a brand new cycle, with opportunities for growth and new possibility.

To help the new cycle start in a positive way, feng shui suggests several simple “move-in” rituals to welcome luck into the new home.

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If you are buying a new home make sure to contact DYSCO for all your moving and truck rental needs.Buying “new construction” is a bit different from buying a previously-owned home. For one, because there is no previous homeowner, you don’t have to deal with a seller’s emotional tie to the property, which typically influences the negotiating process. Whether you’re designing and building a custom home or buying a home that’s built on spec in a new subdivision, you’ll only have to work with the builder.As with buying a previously-owned home, you have to figure out your budget and secure financing before you even begin house hunting. Get pre-approved by a bank or mortgage lender. Decide how much money you want to invest in a new home. And don’t overlook the extras like property taxes, insurance, furniture, window treatments, landscaping costs and maintenance that can drain your bank account.“It’s absolutely critical for new homeowners to know what they can afford based on their income, debt and credit score,” says Rosy Messina, vice president of sales and marketing for ICI Homes in Daytona Beach, Fla.If you’re considering buying a newly-constructed home, follow these five steps to guide you through the process:Step 1: Weigh the Pros and Cons

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