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Dysco Junk Removal

Dysco Junk Removal was founded on the belief that there was a market for responsible, efficient, environmentally-friendly junk removal services. Our top priority is to connect excellent customer service with recycling and re-use of your items. Whether you are a homeowner, real estate agent, property manager or business owner, your time is valuable, but removing old trash and junk while finding a proper place for it, is time-consuming. Our mission is to give you your time and space back. Our gang of professionals will remove your junk no matter where it’s left. We offer competitive rates. Call us today for a free estimate of your junk removal needs.

Environmentalism and Junk Removal
Dysco Junk Removal proudly supports the goals of the environmental movement, believing that technology can be executed appropriately to prevent adverse effects on the natural environment. Up to 70 percent of all items we remove, including furniture, clothing and scrap metal stays out of landfills. Your space is recaptured while we keep your clutter out of landfills in the most efficient way we know. With Dysco Junk Removal our green approach to junk removal services, you can feel that you have done your part to save our resources and our landfills.

Demolition Cleanup & More
Dysco Junk Removal provides a wide range of services in junk removal, junk hauling, and demolition removal. We remove asphalt, scrap metal, hot tubs, cabinets, glass, refrigerators, carpet, water heaters, branches, yard debris, wood, lumber or just about any other item that might appear from a demolition. Dysco Junk Removal tailors and customizes its junk removal services to meet the needs of any type of business. Our first priority is to respect the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Our professionally trained staff will take your junk away no matter where you leave it. First we reduce its volume by compacting it, and then we load it onto our junk removal before sweeping up leftover debris, and finally we find the appropriate place to reuse, recycle or donate the items.