When do you need to rent a truck?

When do you need to rent a truck?

Moving large items can be a real hustle given that most people own small cars that are not suitable for the work. Trucks offer you more space to carry everything at once. They are also safer compared to carrying items on open pick-up trucks or tying your items on the roof carrier of your small car. Fortunately, truck rentals in Vancouver are readily available in different sizes and characteristics to match your needs. Here are a number of situations when you can rent a truck.

  • Moving your home

Rent a truck to transport your items and furniture to your new home. There are small trucks for hotels and one-bedroom houses, medium trucks for two to three bedroom houses and large ones for three and more bedrooms.

  • Moving your office

Whether you are relocating to Vancouver, Burnaby or another city, consider renting a truck for your office equipment and documents. The size of the truck depends on the size of your office.

  • Relocating delicate equipment and items

If you have delicate equipment that requires transport, consider renting a climate-controlled truck. The truck protects your items from the effects of temperature change, water, and dust.

  • Special trucks

There are truck rentals used for special tasks such as concrete transport truck, which is used to mix cement, a refrigerator truck used to transport perishables, and tank truck that can transport water or other liquids to the point where they are required. There are light, medium, and heavy trucks in this category depending on the size of your need.

If you have a special need that requires a modified truck, consult the truck rental firm for assistance.

 When small trucks can do the job 

Small trucks can cover most of the transport needs effectively. These needs include transporting furniture pieces, office supplies, electrical appliances to the service shops, animal feeds to the farm, retail goods to small retail shops and anything that cannot be carried in the trunk of a small car.

Despite the term small trucks, most of these trucks have over 12 foot of usable space. Other companies have a choice of different sizes of small trucks. This is enough to carry much of the items carried on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, they are obviously cheaper to hire and consume less fuel than their bigger counterparts.

If you have any of the above needs, renting a truck is the best way to get your items transported fast and safely. You do not need to damage the small car by placing heavy items some of which may damage the upholstery.

Always estimate the size of the items that you need to transport before renting a truck. It saves you from having to renting another one of ending up paying for too much empty space.