How to maintain a fleet of vehicles.


If your business involves a fleet of cars or trucks, there are some special considerations you need to make in operating and maintaining those vehicles. Make sure that your fleet is helping – and not hurting – your business by adhering to the following dos and don’ts.

DO make sure that every vehicle is registered according to your state’s requirements. A lapsed registration or incorrect plates can lead to major fines for your company.

DON’T put employees on the road without making sure that they are qualified drivers. You’ll want to verify the driving record of anyone you hire, and you should always stress how important safe motor vehicle operation is when it comes to your fleet of cars or trucks.

DO keep your cars and trucks clean. Consider hiring a professional auto detailing company to maintain your fleet. Remember, every time a potential customer sees you on the road, you’re making an impression. Make sure it’s a good one by keeping your fleet clean and well-maintained.

DON’T let your vehicles fall into disrepair. Even though it can be expensive to maintain a fleet of cars or trucks, you need to make sure that yours are in good condition. Stinky exhaust, chipped and unprotected paint, and big dents will not inspire others to do business with you!

DO turn your fleet into a mobile advertisement for your company.Get your cars or trucks wrapped or otherwise labeled with your logo and some information about your products and services. When you spend a lot of time on the road, you have a great opportunity to be “found” by new customers. Make sure they know what you have to offer.

DON’T be afraid to be unique. Consider adding unusual vehicles to your fleet to keep things interesting and grab some extra attention from other motorists. Incorporating a classic car or truck into your fleet, adding some flair to your existing trucks, or even decorating your vehicles for seasonal holidays can be a fun way to maximize their potential as representatives of your business.

That’s right, whenever you get on the road with your cars or trucks, they represent your company in a big way. Make the most of this opportunity by using fleet services to keep clean, adhering to local rules of the road, and having some fun with your vehicles, too!