Selecting the right sized truck for your move

One of the things you will have to decide when planning your moving is the size of the rental truck. You need a rental truck that can fit all your items conveniently without having to pay for lots of empty space. A number of things come into play when determining the space that you require.

Let us start with the common moving truck sizes

  • Small truck rentals

Small size rental trucks are about 10 ft. to 12 ft. and are reasonable for a small one-bedroom apartment with a number of medium-sized furniture. These trucks are also sufficient for student moves from the hostels.

  • Medium sized truck rentals

These trucks range between 14 ft. to around 17 ft. They are the most rented trucks. They have enough space to fit many types of standard homes up to two bedrooms or a medium-sized office.

  • Large-sized truck rentals

If you have three or more bedrooms, you may consider hiring a large size truck. Its size is about 20 ft. to about 26 ft. It is cheaper to rent than two small or medium-sized trucks.

 How to choose the right size

  • What needs to be transported?

If you would like to transport some office furniture and fittings or some rather delicate equipment, you may need a slightly bigger sized truck than similar home items. This is because boxes cannot be placed on top of delicate equipment. Thus, the entire space on top of the equipment will be lost.

Odd shaped items may also take in lots of space than initially thought. Consider that in your selection of the trucks.

  • Calculate cubic feet per truck

Most truck rental companies in Vancouver calculate the moving space in terms of cubic feet. The measurement is done on the floor space but includes the space to the roof of the lorry. You may never be able to utilize all the space to the roof of the truck. Therefore, add a few cubic feet to the estimated volume of your items for the space that will go empty.

  • Seek assistance

If you are not sure whether your belongings can fit in a medium or a small truck, ask for assistance from reputable moving companies. Most of the can make a rather accurate estimation based on their evaluation of your belongings. You will be asked a few things such as the types of sofas and bed sizes to ascertain the space they might take in a truck.

Do not just choose a truck blindly. Consider the size that can fit your belongings to ensure a smooth relocation. Use the tips above along with our guide to rent a moving truck in Vancouver & Burnaby.