Renting A Truck In Vancouver? Here are some things to consider.

As you might have inferred from my post about thanking friends who help you move, I recently made a move myself, driving from the East Coast to the West Coast over the course of eight days. It was an amazing trip — I saw friends and family, ghost towns, and wonderful museums (along with vast stretches of flat, brown land).

I made the entire trip — all 843 KM — in a 10-foot DYSCO truck. And after doing a lot of research into cost-effective moving vehicles, getting friends, family, and a couple of last-minute professional movers to help me, and spending over a week bringing the truck over everything from five-lane highways to gravel-kicking back roads, I’ve learned a few things about renting a moving truck. Here’s some advice to keep in mind for your own DIY move. (See also: Pack Up Your House: Tips for Saving Money (and Sanity) on a Move)