Moving Day: Do We Hire Movers Or Rent a Truck?

Moving Day Question: Hire Movers Or Rent A Truck

Deciding between hiring a moving company and renting a moving truck are the two most common choices that people will have when moving. How do you decide which makes sense for your particular situation? Both solutions work but renting a moving truck means lots more work and stress for you. Of course, it might seem like it comes with a lower price tag, but to know for sure you need to compare all your options. Luckily, nowadays there are hybrid methods between the two, and you can hire professional movers to help with your specific needs.

Certainly, it seems less expensive to rent a moving truck than to hire a moving company to handle your relocation. However, be sure that you are figuring everything into the cost of the move. Many people forget to include toll costs, packing materials, the cost of their time and almost always the costs of fuel into the total for renting a truck. When those things are figured, renting a truck is not really the bargain it might initially seem to be. On the flip side, when you get guaranteed pricing on the Unpakt website, you will know exactly what you will pay.

Moving and packing is labor-intensive, so if you decide against hiring a moving company, you’ll need some help. This means calling in lots of favors from friends and relatives. Depending on your budget, you can probably afford for a moving company to move your belongings, and you might even be surprised how affordable professional packing can be.

Unless you are a professional driver, chances are you won’t be totally comfortable behind the wheel of this large vehicle. This is especially true if you’ve spent the day laboring to get the truck loaded and ready to go. This is one area where leaving the work to the pros might well be worth it.

Finding great values
Because the industry is competitive, truck rental companies and full service movers alike will offer specials, particularly during winter and other slow periods. Keep your eyes open, and ask the companies about discounts and special periods when prices are lower. For instance, moving during the work week might be significantly lower than over a weekend.

You can also take advantage of the expertise of professional moving services by having them load and transport your things while you pack yourself.

However, use caution when you are hiring a moving company. Some highly discounted movers have a reputation for being less than delicate with your things, so it’s important to check out reviews from past customers and the track record of any companies you are considering.

Overall, you need to decide what you are comfortable with and plan accordingly.