Whether you are moving offices or you are moving from your old home to a new one, you need a mover you can trust. The movers being accustomed to the task of moving. Aside from that, they offer the convenience of transporting large numbers of items as compared to the small cars that most people own. One is able to enjoy these benefits if you select a good mover. The mover you hire should have good customer care, and they should understand your moving requirements and the moving regulations in your county of residence.

Ask For A Recommendation

The easiest way to get a trustworthy mover is to ask for recommendations from friends and family members. Recommendations are always great because they mean the person recommending has used the services they recommend. If you living in Vancouver for example, ask someone you trust if they know any good movers in Burnaby.  You can also look at reviews in local directories.

However, you might still get three or four recommendations, and you need to get the best among them. Granted, you need to ensure you start choosing a mover a few weeks before the moving date. This allows you to shortlist movers, ask for references and follow a checklist you will have prepared to ensure a mover is worth their salt.

Shortlist Insured and Licensed Mover

The first steps should be to shortlist insured and licensed movers. You can shortlist these movers from a list of recommended companies, from online reviews of visit local movers randomly and ask for details. Narrow down your list of movers to about four or five movers who meet your search criteria.
For instance, if you are moving across a country, a moving company that does not offer moving services for long distances should be crossed out from the checklist. When you need to move across the border, a moving company that understands how to handle customs should be a good choice.

Irrespective of your criteria and your moving needs, you should choose a company that is insured and licensed. This offers you a sense of safety as you can follow through to have your items back if anything happens and you lose them.

Choose Specialized Movers

While some movers are general, moving anything you need them to, others are specific. It is advisable that you choose specific movers as they will know how to handle your items with care. You can also choose general movers with specialized moving services.

For instance, if you are moving furniture, choose a mover that moves furniture. If you need to move a piano, a mover that moves pianos is a good choice. When looking for a specific mover, consider timeliness, care, flexibility, and friendliness.
In most cases, your choice of a mover will be determined by the quality of services offered and the price or value for money.

Quality of Services and Price

You can tell the quality of services offered by a mover by looking at their service records. A firm that has operated for even a few months will have testimonials from the reviews online from satisfied or unsatisfied customers.

If their customer care is poor, you will likely find this information online. You can call them and ask for credentials and references. Check for memberships in moving company organizations, moving procedure, and other details. You can also check whether they feature on the Better Business Bureau.